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Calciboard Nails


Calciboard nails are widely used now as the usage of calciboards are very popular

PVC Coated Wire


This product main application is to be produced into gabions and chain link fence.

Common Nail


We sell Hanoman brand nail with each box weighing 30kg. Our nail is ranging from 4 cm – 15 cm.

Zinc Aluminium Barbed Wire

kawat-duri-bajaWith Zinc Alumunium coating, the anti-corrosion capability is superior to conventional galvanized barbed wire.

Nail Wire

kawat-pakuWe produce Nail Wire with diameter ranging from 1.8MM – 5 MM. We use Wire Rods with

Boat Nail

paku-kapal Boat nails are used in boat manufacturing industry. We provide boat nails ranging from 5 cm – 15 cm

Straightened Wire

kawat-potongWe provide straightening service for both galvanized and nail wire.  The length can be

Barbed Wire

kawat-duriBarbed wire is widely used in housing complex, highway, plantation and many others.

Galvanized Wire Mesh

kawat-loketGalvanized wire mesh has high anti corrosion capability compared to regular non-galvanized wire mesh.

Galvanized Wire

kawat-galvanisOne of our main products is Hot Dip Galvanized Wire with diameter ranging from 5MM – 1.6MM

Anneal Wire

kawat-betonThere are two types of diameter for anneal wire, 2.7mm ( BWG 12) and 0.8 mm ( BWG 21).

Hexagonal Mesh


Hexagonal mesh is widely used in construction sector, plantation, and fishery industry